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Welcome to the ACNH Info screenshot and video sharing hub! Simply upload your file and you'll get a link for sharing on forums and the likes. No adverts, no watermarks, no compression, no nonsense. Videos up to 10 seconds long also get gif versions produced for embedding on websites.

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21 March

Nothing new on this website today. I've tried to promote it a little, but not a single stranger has submitted anything. Disappointing. At least my worries of the server getting overloaded are unfounded.

20 March

The day is practically over in my timezone, but I've finally got this website up in a "good enough" state. To do: Better error handling, galleries, sitemaps, video trimming, maybe make it look nice. There's also some issues under the hood that I just can't figure out.

Other things

I intend to improve this website a little a lot, but these things are time-consuming.

If you want to keep up with what else I'm up to, which isn't a lot with how much time everything in life seems to suck up, you can visit my website or visit my Twitter page.

Hosting videos could get problematic due to how huge their filesizes are. Let's see how it pans out. I have a Ko-Fi page somewhat ready to go in the event I need to do a bit of fundraising. Other options would be to go through compressing old videos. The images are small enough that I can leave them alone, and I promise to do so.

I promoted this website a little on Reddit. It got a few upvotes, which is something, and it seems people are still finding my post!

Is than an image you've got there? Or maybe even a video? As long as it's from a Nintendo Switch and to do with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I want it!